Gods Redemption

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Frustration comes from the humanness in me when folks say they need God’s power in their lives yet refuse to buckle to His will. They insist they know God, yet fail to get the log from their eye.

They want something for nothing, never respecting the law of God written in all panels of eternity, even to the irrefutable evidence in this life.

If you want to be forgiven, you must repent by turning your life back to God, and show by your behaviour, that your attitude has changed. It’s very simple and remarkably effective.

Your relationships do not change because you don’t change.

You don’t change only for a single fact: you have yet to submit your life to God.

He shows you the truth. He gives you the gumption to stand there, judged. He helps you understand that the truth doesn’t condemn you, it frees you. He impels one to do what you can in the light of the truth. He shows you how you have offended everyone, and He puts in you a heart to live at peace with all humanity.

Nobody who hasn’t undergone such Revival is saved.

Who stands there, saved of God, and doesn’t about-face?

Conviction isn’t self-righteousness, a will contrary to the Holy God, but it is self-admonishment, always, and then ongoing self-denial, hearing aright how God can help you put matters right this side of eternity.

This is the most persuasive fact this side of death; now is the time; now is the opportunity. Especially for those who call themselves saved… don’t be in that class of’Christian’ whom the Lord says,’they’ll say to me, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name and cast out demons, but I say I never knew you; be gone from My Presence.’ Can the prophet be saved without living an adroitly penitent life?

The rub of life is in the friction of relationships.

What power of God is there if others cannot see the power of God that has changed you?

Yes, indeed, there are lots of false doctrines and several comfy cushions that seem like the flame of God, but it’s all useless unless the Christian gets on their knees and begs for forgiveness because they have seen the testimony of darkness written in their heart – to the extent of the relationships they have that don’t please the Lord.

The revival of redemption and restoration come from the power of God through insistent repentance.

When repentance is written on our heart, and it’s become how we live our lives, the power of God will be seen by everyone.

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