Qualities of Rock Star Employees

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Engagement numbers haven’t changed much in the years that the Gallup Organization has been keeping track. In the United States, employee participation numbers hover around 30 percent. In the rest of the world, the picture is even bleaker – only about 13% of employees are engaged.

What exactly are the traits of a rock star employee? Here are seven attributes which you will find in most members of the elusive group.

Responsible: Top performers take ownership of whatever job they are working on and establish high standards for their own performance. They are only satisfied when your customers are singing your company’s praises. When they make a mistake, they admit it, and they learn the lessons so that it will not happen again. When they have a success, they make sure the others that helped and supported them along the way are also recognized for their gifts.

Optimistic: Regardless of what is happening, they are programmed to look for the good in people, jobs, and scenarios. They are energetic, enthusiastic and confident in their work and how the members of the team work together. They look at obstacles as challenges to overcome as they are eager to grow and open to change. They have a positive outlook and can be counted on to lighten up the space when they are around.

Creative: Rockstar employees have the ability to look at all sides of a problem and think of a lot of new and exciting options. They have the unique ability to utilize out-of-the-box thinking to develop new procedures for studying and solving problems.

Kind: Engaged employees have excellent people skills and have an extensive network of people who know, like and trust them. They nurture their professional relationships and are more focused on giving, as opposed to receiving.

Studious: Your top talent needs to be better tomorrow than they are today. Top performers invest in themselves and their skills so that they can develop and grow both professionally and personally. They love to learn, and they look for any chance they can to gain knowledge about a number of subjects. If they aren’t sure of something, they will do the research needed to discover the solution.

Team players: Gallup indicates that actively engaged workers have a strong community. Engaged employees focus on lifting others as they climb and enjoy sharing the spotlight of the achievements because they realize they did not do it alone. Although they may take the lead on projects, they have a very clear connection between staff activities and the team’s purpose. They allow others to enjoy the job and the journey with them.

Action-oriented: Average workers make to-do lists. Rock stars set their priorities and get the job done. They don’t hesitate based on fear or indecision, they look at the situation and take action based on the information they have at the time they get it. Since”objects in motion tend to stay in motion,” rock stars decide to”fail forward” and keep the momentum going. Their passion for what they do helps them know when to compromise with other people and when to stand firm.

Risk-taker: Natural leaders aren’t afraid to shake up the status quo. They make the decisions necessary and push the limits of their comfort zone. They take bold action toward their goals. They believe that if they aren’t making mistakes, they’re not learning. They love to suggest new ideas and new methods of thinking, and their passion inspires others to take their lead.

Take some time to notice when your ROCK STAR workers are accomplishing great things. You can then integrate their ideas and methods into new hire training and developing the rest of your team. When you utilize the best practices learned from your actively engaged workers, you acknowledge their worth to your organization and help the rest of your team move your company ahead.

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